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RBT Competency Assessment

After completion of the 40-hour training course, trainees are eligible for the RBT Competency Assessment. The assessment involves direct observation of all competencies listed on the RBT Task List. Competencies will be evaluated in-person via “role-playing” (acting out skills and tasks with the instructor) and “in-vivo” performance of skills and tasks upon observation of a case scenario in a video. RBT applicants must demonstrate competency in all tasks as determined by the assessor to pass the assessment.

If the RBT fails to demonstrate competency in one or more of the tasks, the applicant will receive a “not passed” qualification. The assessor will provide performance feedback at the end of the assessment session and the applicant will be allowed to test again no earlier than the following day; this process may be repeated until competence is demonstrated. (Retake fees apply).

The assessment must have been completed no longer than 90 days prior to submitting a completed application (i.e., trainee portion, supervisor portion, and payment). If trainees complete their RBT application after 90 days of the assessment completion, the application will be rejected by the BACB. Trainees will have to complete a new competency assessment. Behavior 180, LLC is not responsible for any expired Competency Assessments and will not refund the cost of expired assessments. Trainees are responsible for paying the cost of the Competency Assessment every time it is administered. The assessment will be administered by a BCBA as required by the BACB.

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