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Admission, Wait-lists, and Discharge of Client

Policy on Admission, Waitlists, and Discharge of Client

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines and procedure regarding the admission and

discharge of clients to Behavior 180, LLC.




This section details the admissions process for Behavior 180, LLC. Additional information and steps may be required to fulfill the requirements of outside funding sources (insurance agencies).


  1. Families/Case Managers/Qualified professionals contact the agency regarding admission for services.
  2. Families will be provided an agency intake packet to complete.
  3. Families are required to also submit supporting documentation including outside reports and evaluations, script for Applied Behavior Analysis therapy from a medical professional, evaluation results indicating diagnosis codes, and copies of insurance card (if applicable and seeking funding through insurance).
  4. Families must contact their insurance company to verify benefits for Applied Behavior Analysis services.
  5. The intake department will review the intake packet and determine if any potential barriers to service have been identified and the necessary steps to mitigate these barriers.
  6. The intake department will review the intake paperwork and determine whether or not the client is an appropriate fit for the agency and ABA services.
  7. Pending the initial agency approval, the intake supervisor will reach out to the respective insurance company to obtain preauthorization for assessments (if using insurance funding).
  8. Once preauthorization is granted from the respective insurance company the intake supervisor will reach out to the family to establish an initial time for assessment and will assign a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to the case.
  9. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst assigned to the intake will complete all required assessments and submit the reports and proposals to the Department Director.
  10. The Department Director, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Clinical Supervisor will review the assessment results and discuss if there are any concerns with the agency providing services. If there are no concerns, the intake department will gain authorization for Applied Behavior Analysis treatment and a treatment team will be assigned to the case.




If Behavior 180, LLC needs to maintain a waitlist for services, it will do so in an ethical way to ensure access to treatment.  Therefore, Behavior 180, LLC will keep clients appraised of his/her status on the waitlist on a weekly basis. While on the waitlist, Behavior 180, LLC will make available to clients’ online ABA parent/guardian training options.


Discharge Criterion


  • Discharge criterion will be individually decided for clients. However, in general a client would be discharged from ABA services when he/she has had a reduction of problem behavior to zero or near zero levels, have been taught appropriate replacement behaviors that have been maintained for an extended period of time, and has developed skills necessary to function independently in society.  When Behavior 180, LLC determines that an individual can no longer be served by this agency, the agency staff shall notify the relevant administrator or designee by telephone and follow-up in writing.
  • In all cases following the decision for discharge the administrative team will hold a meeting with all related parties directly involved with that specific client. This meeting will be held within 15 business days, to confirm the discharge of services and arrange for any remedial supports or other community resources/wraparound services that may be needed to continue to maintain skills and support.
  • Parties invited for the discharge meeting will include but not be limited to:
    • Client (if applicable)
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Program Director
    • Case Manager
    • Treatment Team
    • All other individuals deemed applicable to the discharge of services
  • Clients (parents/guardians) have the right to appeal the decision for discharge from services if he/she is not in agreement.
  • When a new provider agency is identified during either transfer or discharge of a client, communication/collaboration will occur between Behavior 180, LLC staff and the new provider as long as appropriate releases are signed. Communication/collaboration will be documented in the client’s file.